Fuel Price Share

Introduction and Functions:

This android app enables users to

  1. Find fuel stations and fuel prices close to any location;
  2. Obtain route to a chosen location, and find fuel stations close to the path. Users can also choose to detour via any found station and get the updated path.

The app also records the credit points of each user. Whenever users issue a query, they lose one point. Whenever they contribute updated prices for any fuel station, they gain ten points. In this way, we try to encourage users to contribute the latest fuel prices, and hence use crowdsourcing methods to make everyone happy.

The app has many other functions, such as a) recording users’ search history and dynamically updating them when users issue the next query, b) setting preferred fuel and default search radius, c) taking/uploading profile photos, etc.

We also deploy many error handling methods to make sure that the app runs robustly.

Some results are demonstrated as follows.



Facebook login

Confirm access


Initial screen

Range query 1

Range query 2

Click a station

Detour via the station

Enter a destination

Find route

Choose a detour station


Check profile

Change settings

Maintain search history

Maintain search history

Contribute price

Contribute price via photo

The infrastructure of the app is CouchDB Server + Tomcat Http Server + Android Front end. Both the server side and mobile end code is written in Java.

Binary release:

Try the app by yourself (an android phone is needed): app-release.apk (26/07/2015)

Source release:

Server-side code

Mobile-side code

CouchDB dump

Instructions to build the system

This software is restricted to non-commercial usage only. Encouraged usage is academic research, experiments, and programming skill development.

Main contributors to this app are:

Yu Sun

Han Li

Nurlan Kenzhebekov

He Zhao

Andy Yuan Xue

Yuan Li

Rui Zhang